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Product Category: Kaya Kalp

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herb Oil 100 ml-1000×1000
This nourishing herbal oil is enriched with the goodness of amarlata, shikakai and other herbal roots. It can be used as an overnight, leave in, or pre wash treatment to effectively control hair loss, dandruff, and premature hair graying. Regular use of Herb Oil makes hair thick and shiny. Directions More Info »
Price: ₨ 0.00₨ 265.00
by Jatin


Hair Tone is an intensive tonic treatment made with ayurvedic ingredients to control dandruff. Hair Tone works well to tame rough & brittle hair, split ends and dandruff. Directions To Use: Apply toner all over the scalp using cotton and then gently massage in circular motion with finger tips.There is More Info »
Price: ₨ 0.00₨ 250.00
by Jatin


Hair Spa Cream 180 gm-1000×1000
Hair Spa Cream for strong and healthy hair provides intense moisturizing & deep conditioning to dry and unmanageable tresses, leaving them healthy and shiny. Tip: Apply Hair Spa Cream twice a month and before styling your hair for a beautiful hairstyle. Directions To Use: Take a small amount of Hair Spa More Info »
Price: ₨ 0.00₨ 380.00
by Jatin


Hair Serum 50 ml-1000×1000
Formulated with herbal extracts, Hair Serum is a remedy for unmanageable, frizzy and dull hair. The ingredients in the Hair Serum help protect, condition, and moisturize hair without making them oily. The non greasy and light formula smoothens the hair, leaving them silky, shiny and healthy. Tip: Apply Hair Serum before More Info »
Price: ₨ 0.00₨ 400.00
by Jatin


Hair Rinse 180 gm-1000×1000
A unique hair conditioner, Hair Rinse is a blend of ayurvedic ingredients that improve the condition of dry or damaged hair. Regular use of Hair Rinse conditioner after every hair wash makes hair healthier,shinier, livelier, and thicker. Directions: After using shampoo, apply hair rinse conditioner gently on the hair length More Info »
Price: ₨ 0.00₨ 190.00
by Jatin


hair Care Hair pack 250 gm-1000×1000
This ayurveda Hair Pack is a unique combination of herbs from ancient ayurveda that stimulate hair growth and deeply cleanses the scalp. It controls hair loss and nourishes each hair strand from within,giving life and volume to hair. Directions To Use: Mix one cup of Hair Care, 8-9 drops of More Info »
Price: ₨ 0.00₨ 450.00
by Jatin

Green Apple Shampoo

This shampoo gently cleanses the hair, leaving the goodness of natural minerals & proteins of green apple. Especially recommended for limp hair & split ends, it nourishes the scalp and improves the pH balance of the hair, bringing dull lifeless hair back to life. Directions: Apply the Green Apple shampoo More Info »
Price: ₨ 0.00₨ 205.00
by Jatin

Amla Shampoo

This Amla Shampoo for cleansing hair &  scalp is formulated with the extracts of Amla and Aristha. With the benefits of Vitamin C, it thickens and strengthens hair, guards the scalp against infection and prevents graying of hair. It is suitable for normal to dry hair. Directions: Take a small amount of More Info »
Price: ₨ 0.00₨ 205.00
by Jatin