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Zeema 75 gms-1000×1000
Get rid of dirt, oil and impurities with Zeema. This specially formulated ayurvedic remedy is effective for sunburn and chapped skin. In addition, it can be used as a deep cleansing treatment for normal to oily skin. Directions to use: Apply Zeema in a circular motion on the face and More Info »
Price: ₨ 0.00₨ 335.00
by Jatin


White Lily Skin Rehydrant Lotion perfectly pampers the skin that needs an extra amount of care. With the extracts of khas and sandal, it deeply penetrates the skin & protects against imbalance and disorders, leaving it soft & smooth. Directions To Use: Apply liberally on face, neck, arms and legs More Info »
Price: ₨ 0.00₨ 225.00
by Jatin


WHITE is an effective anti-pigmentation & blemishes lotion. This antiseptic lotion works effectively on dead epithelial cells to make the skin clear and fair, adding to its wholesomeness. A rich herbal blend, this lotion is highly recommended when it comes to treating pigmentation, scars, blemishes and other skin problems. Direction: More Info »
Price: ₨ 0.00₨ 255.00
by Jatin


Exfoliate dead cells from your skin with Walnut Scrub. The effective ayurvedic remedy is a blend of walnut shell, coconut oil and nimboo satv that gently removes impurities and blackheads, revealing the fresh, exuberant skin underneath. Walnuts, being rich in vitamin E, smoothen and brighten the skin texture and tone More Info »
Price: ₨ 0.00₨ 225.00
by Jatin


Thermoherb Mask, an ancient remedy brought to the fore, is an all-encompassing beauty treatment that deep cleanses the pores, minimizes wrinkles, lightens laughter lines and rejuvenates the skin. The application of this mask produces heat which naturally stimulates blood circulation for an improved sense of being. Tip : Strictly avoid applying More Info »
Price: ₨ 0.00₨ 520.00
by Jatin


Sun Block Lotion is formulated with special attention to the Indian climate. The herbal ingredients used to formulate this complete sun guard make it useable all around the year to protect the skin against harmful UVA and UVB rays that can cause skin tanning, pigmentation, sunburn, allergies, premature ageing and More Info »
Price: ₨ 0.00₨ 260.00
by Jatin

Strawberry Face Wash

Strawbery Face wash 200 ml-1000×1000
Strawberries are a treat to the skin, refreshing and rehydrating. A perfect blend of Vitamin E and strawberry extracts in this Strawberry Face Wash transforms dull and dehydrated skin into a soft, supple and healthy one, a skin which is a delight to behold. Directions: Take this Strawberry Face Wash More Info »
Price: ₨ 0.00₨ 198.00
by Jatin


Skin whiteing Kit-1000×1000 (1)
Skin Whitening Facial Kit is a time tested formula in beauty care that has a carefully measured blend of pearl, almond, aloe vera and lotus extracts. The ingredients in the Skin Whitening Facial Kit can help rejuvenate the skin cells & make the skin tone even & fairer. Skin Whitening More Info »
Price: ₨ 0.00₨ 710.00
by Jatin


Silver facial Kit-1000×1000
Silver Facial Kit by Kulsum’s Kaya Kalp Herbals is a time tested concept in the world of beauty that lends your skin a shine and glow as lustrous as silver. The Silver Facial Kit contains natural Ayurvedic ingredients like Silver leaves and Almond Oil. The ‘Vitamin E’ in the Silver More Info »
Price: from ₨ 0.00₨ 780.00
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by Jatin


silk suns screen 70 ml-1000×1000
Hydrate and protect your skin from harsh sun rays with Silk Sunscreen Lotion. Its non greasy lotion creates an invisible film on the skin which protects it from the harsh sun rays. The natural goodness of sandalwood and rose keeps the skin smooth and hydrated. Suitable for all skin types, More Info »
Price: ₨ 0.00₨ 205.00
by Jatin


Get rid of under eye dark circles with Seaweed Gel. This gel is a blend of the most trusted ayurvedic remedies, and helps get rid of dark circles around the eyes to lend a uniform complexion and texture to patchy skin. Directions: Begin with a massage with Kulsum’s Kaya Smooth, More Info »
Price: ₨ 0.00₨ 255.00
by Jatin


This is enriched with the goodness of roses, dates and other rare natural ingredients. A perfect skin toner which reduces blackheads and blemishes, it makes the skin look younger while lending it a firmer texture. Direction: Apply the Rose Skin Toner on the face and neck with a moist cotton More Info »
Price: ₨ 0.00₨ 260.00
by Jatin

Pearl Face Wash

pearl FW 100 ml-1000×1000
Fairer and younger skin is within your reach with the special Ayurvedic ingredients present in the Pearl Face Wash. Suitable for all skin types, the pearl powder within the face wash reduces melanin production, making the skin glow with a beautiful radiance while adding a soft and supple feel to More Info »
Price: ₨ 0.00₨ 270.00
by Jatin


papaya Fairness pack 100 gms-1000×1000
This Pack is a reviving blend of Papaya fruit extract and wheat germ oil. It works to rejuvenate the skin from within for a healthy, flawless glow, making your skin appear more youthful. The extracts of natural ingredients nourish the skin and improve the skin’s glow. This refreshing fairness pack More Info »
Price: ₨ 0.00₨ 230.00
by Jatin


Oxy Pack 110 gm-1000×1000
Get a youthful glow with Oxy Pack, a rejuvenation Pack enriched with the natural goodness of Aloe Vera,wheat germ oil, vitamin ‘E’ and honey. The Oxy Pack helps control ageing effects and makes the skin texture even, smooth and firm, giving your skin the nourishment it deserves for an instant, More Info »
Price: ₨ 0.00₨ 410.00
by Jatin

Neem Face Wash (For Oily Skin)

Neem FW 100 ml-1000×1000
For thousands of years now, Neem with its anti-bacterial properties has been used to treat a number of skin problems. Considered to be equal, and in many instances superior to aloe vera, we bring to you the healing properties of Neem in a soap-free herbal formulation that not only removes More Info »
Price: ₨ 0.00₨ 198.00
by Jatin


Moon 80 ml-1000×1000
Moon Sandalwood Cleansing Milk deeply cleanses open pores and controls sebum build-up. Formulated with the unique combination of herbs from ancient Ayurveda, this cleansing lotion helps prevent acne,rashes and pimples; making it ideal for treatment of oily skin problems. Directions To Use: Apply in circular motion on face and neck, More Info »
Price: ₨ 0.00₨ 200.00
by Jatin


An easily absorbed daily moisturizer, Moist has the lightness of lotion and the benefits of cream. Formulated with dates, Khas and other herbal extracts, this luxuriously silky moisturizer locks in the moisture for long lasting hydration & supple glow. Suitable for all skin types. Tip: For a radiant glow at parties, More Info »
Price: ₨ 0.00₨ 195.00
by Jatin


marrow pack 200 gm-1000×1000
It is an ancient remedy of rare and precious ayurvedic herbs. Enriched with the goodness of almonds and saffron, this pigmentation and spots treatment pack is well-suited to all skin types. It reduces the blemishes caused by scars & tightens the pores to make the skin soft and rejuvenated. Direction: More Info »
Price: ₨ 0.00₨ 325.00
by Jatin


Insta Glow Kit-1000×1000
The Kulsum’s Kaya Kalp Insta Glow Kit is a high end ayurvedic treatment for your skin that leaves your skin with an instant glow while also making it supple. Insta Glow Kit Contains: Apricot Scrub Glow Cream Bio-Fruit Shine Pack        Moon ( Sandalwood Cleansing Milk ) Directions: More Info »
Price: ₨ 0.00₨ 1,190.00
by Jatin